CMT Premiere: Spencer Crandall Heads to Salt Flats to Explore The End Of Relationships with “What Do We Do Now?”

Spencer Crandall wants to normalize the confusion people feel during breakups with “What Do We Do Now?”

by cindy watts | 1 July 2022 |

What happens when a relationship ends? Who gets to keep the concert tickets you bought together? What about the trip you planned? And who keeps the Target, and who finds a new place to shop?

These are all questions Spencer Crandall asks in his new song and video “What Do We Do Now?”

Written by Crandall, Scott Porter and Joe Tounge, the song explores what the romantic relationship turns into when the romance is over and people realize they’re not going to work as a couple.

“’What Do We Do Now?’ is a song that tells the story of being lost and confused at the very moment when a relationship ends,” Crandall said. “I really wanted to convey all the feelings when you are trying to figure out how to unravel the two lives that have been growing closer together through the course of a relationship.”

Brad Hill and Lalo Guzman produced the song, and Jackson Long directed the video. Crandall wanted to convey the desolate feelings of a breakup in the video, so he packed up and headed to the emptiest place he could think of.

“I think the dramatic landscape of the Bonneville Salt Flats was a perfect metaphor for how lonely and isolating a breakup can feel,” he explained. “The vastness and emptiness really mirror the emotion that we tried to capture when writing the song, so it felt like the perfect setting to help the listener really experience this song.”

However, when they were filming the video, he couldn’t quite believe they were executing such a large production.

“I remember driving out onto the salt flats with a couch strapped down in the bed of the truck thinking, ’Wow, we’re really going for this!’” he said. “I’m so used to doing TikTok videos in my car or house by myself, so it was so surreal and fun to create something at this scale. Getting to bring the vision and emotion of this song to life gave it a whole new meaning. It was a really special day, and I’m so happy with how the video turned out.”

The Colorado native hopes that fans will understand they’re not alone in their feelings after seeing the music video.

“In a breakup, it’s easy to ask ourselves, ’Am I crazy?’ Or, ’Has anyone ever felt this confused and alone before?’” Crandall said. “I hope people see and know that it’s perfectly normal to feel this way, and many others have been there and made it out the other side. There are probably more questions than answers initially, but with time those answers will come, and life will start to make sense again.”

He couldn’t be happier with how the clip turned out.

“I freaked out seeing the video for the first time!” he said. “This is my first music video ever, so for it to turn out so beautiful and for it to perfectly capture the tone and feelings of the song was a pretty surreal experience. We all put so much time and hard work into the video, so it was really rewarding to see our vision become a reality.”

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