CMT Roundup: Kip Moore, Madison Kozak, Tyler Hubbard Drop Songs For Your Summer Drive

Kristian Bush, Maddie & Tae, Tyler Dial and more also released new music this week.

by staff | 27 June 2022 |

Watch the speedometer if you’re listening to the new songs by Kip Moore and Tyler Hubbard this weekend. The heavy groove is sure to increase the speed of your trip while Madison Kozak’s new song is a balm for jealous hearts everywhere.

Also check out new music from Maddie & Tae, Tyler Dial, and Kristian Bush along with a host of others on CMT’s Roundup playlist.

Kip Moore, “Fire On Wheels”: Co-written and co-produced by Moore and Jaren Johnston, “Fire On Wheels” is a hard-rocking, groove-driven country-influenced anthem about life on tour that is best enjoyed at top volume. The conviction and passion in the song is Moore at his most authentic, making the music he wants to make that never fails to draw fans closer to his charismatic flame.

“Thank you guys for giving us the freedom to never chase a sound/trend and let us create whatever the spirit moves us towards,” Moore said on Instagram.

In the spirit of the song, Moore revealed his Fire on Wheels Tour that will also feature Boy Named Banjo and will launch Sept. 8 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Madison Kozak, “One Girl To Another”: Kozak’s “One Girl To Another” is a song of gratitude to her partner’s ex-girlfriend.

Written by Kozak, Pete Good, AJ Babcock, and Brandon Ratcliff and produced by Chris LaCorte, lyrics include: From one girl to another| Girl, I owe it all to you|For saying you weren’t right for each other| And breaking his whole heart in two| Cause when you said goodbye|He didn’t know| It’d be the last time that he’d ever go|From one girl to another.

The song combines Kozak’s angelic, expressive voice with drums and strings to tell the story of a girl rethinking a common situation.

“I often think about the worlds that must have collided for me to get to where I am today,” Kozak said. “What all had to have gone right (or wrong) so that I would meet a boy in Nashville who grew up a few towns from where I did in Ontario. It’s a big thought, and there are many ’thank yous’ I could make – but the day I wrote ’One Girl To Another’ I had one person in mind. So first off, thanks to her. Here’s to minor chords and major feelings.”

Tyler Hubbard, “35’s”: Florida Georgia Line has been vocal about members’ choice to take a break and make music on their own, and “35’s” is singer Tyler Hubbard’s next offering. The hard-driving up-tempo is about slowing down to appreciate life and is the follow-up to his debut radio single “5 Foot 9.”

“Sonically this song really gets me going and makes me wanna drive 100 miles an hour, but lyrically, it’s about living a life at a slower pace,” Hubbard says. “Sometimes it’s hard to break away from everything I’m trying to accomplish and really slow down and appreciate the moments that are right in front of me, and this song is a good reminder.”

Kristian Bush, “Tequila“: Sugarland’s Kristian Bush managed to capture the true essence of summer within the second installment of his four-album layered release, “52.” The 16-song collection that makes up “52 – IN THE KEY OF SUMMER,” will either transport the listener back to their care-free childhood, crave sweet summer love, or encourage them to throw back a shot of “Tequila.” Bush wrote “Tequila” alongside frequent collaborator Taylor Davis and together, they shook up the perfect beach bar blend. The way Bush intertwines his traditional country sound with Reggae and R&B musical elements, makes the track a timeless piece that fans will enjoy for decades to come. Throughout the moving melody, Bush admires a “pretty Señorita” named “Tequila.” Their witty wordplay compares the actions and appearance of the lovely lady to a striking sip of tequila.

“’Tequila’ is a buzzy singalong that pokes the veil between perception and reality,” Bush explained. “There’s nothing more intoxicating than the arresting beauty of a dancing woman in a long dress.”

Bush co-wrote 15 of the 16 songs on the well-rounded project. The multi-part collection is the follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2015 solo album, “Southern Gravity.”

“Now that I’m halfway into this process of putting out an entire album every three months, I have noticed that I’m releasing music at the speed of attention spans,” Kristian says. “It seems that we’re moving fast, and the idea of putting one song or one record out a year is just not fast enough. I’m just making your summer playlist of my songs for you.”

Maddie & Tae, “Every Night Every Morning“: Maddie & Tae have blessed country music fans with another soul-touching track titled, “Every Night Every Morning.” The award-winning duo penned the mid-tempo tune alongside Jonathan Singleton and Brock Berryhill. “Every Night Every Morning” displays their chill-provoking harmonies and serves as the first look at their upcoming collection, “Through The Madness Vol. 2.” The poignant lyrics tell a beautiful tale about living life with your lover and growing old together. Their use of imagery shines through, as the ladies effortlessly paint a picture of a happy and healthy relationship.

“Every night, every morning| I fall all over again and again, and you don’t even know it |Baby, if you’re wonderin’ when you hold me | If I still feel forever |Only |Every night, every morning,” the two sing blending their distinctive vocals to create a mesmerizing sound.

Although “Through The Madness Vol. 2.” is set to drop later this year, the country community can hear the arena-ready anthem on the CMT Next Women of Country Tour. The fierce females will embark on the highly anticipated trek in September and will hit iconic venues in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, and more.

Tyler Dial, “Damn, Denver”: Country music newcomer Tyler Dial recently released “Damn, Denver,” a mid-tempo heartbreak track. Dial’s infectious vocals are on full display, as he sings a narrative about his ex-lover leaving for Denver. The fast-rising artist pulled from real-life experiences to pen the radio-worthy tune alongside Melissa Fuller, and Andy Skib.

“You stole her heart with that blue sky |You made her dream up a mile high | You took her breath and set her free | Made her forget about this town and me | How could I compete? | Damn, Denver,” sings Dial in the confession-like chorus, “You’re gonna treat her better | I hope she’s happier out there.”

Dial has teased the moving melody at several shows. The soothing instrumentals and honest lyrics instantly resonated with the country community, and the vocalist was convinced to add it to his collection, “Way Back When.”

“I spent a lot of time in Denver, CO, growing up, and it’s a city that I’ve always loved. So, when a girlfriend of mine broke up with me a few years ago to move there – I wasn’t even mad. I was jealous!” said Dial. “The following week, I wrote this song and immediately knew it was special. I’ve played ‘Damn, Denver’ at every show since, and the crowd always ends up singing it back to me. I’ve been asked so many times to release it, so I’m thrilled it’s finally out in the world and can’t wait to see how it connects with everyone.”

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