CMT Roundup: New Music From Keith Urban, Nicolle Galyon, Kameron Marlowe and more

Also find new songs from Tyler Rich and Marie-Mai, Jason Aldean and Temecula Road

by staff | 8 July 2022 |

It’s looking like a superstar new music weekend with sizzling songs out from Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Kameron Marlowe, hit songwriter Nicolle Galyon and more. Let them soothe what ails you and check out the rest of the songs on CMT’s Roundup playlist, which is tacked at the bottom of the post.

Keith Urban, “Brown Eyes Baby”: Keith Urban just released his first single of 2022, and it’s a swoon-worthy mid-tempo track with lyrics about Urban wanting to mend your injured heart.

He sings: I can put the sun right back in your sunshine| Bring a little lovе back into your late night| Ain’t gotta be nothin’ more than one more drink|And maybe I can take the blue out of your brown eyes, baby.

“Brown Eyes Baby” was co-written by Morgan Wallen, Rodney Clawson, Will Bundy and Josh Thompson.

“So we’ve been working on some new music that’s gonna be coming out very soon, and we thought we might lay this one on you,” Urban said in a statement.

The four-time Grammy winner recorded the melodic balm in Nashville earlier this year. He debuted it on the opening night of his THE SPEED OF NOW WORLD TOUR and played it on television for the first time last week.

Nicolle Galyon, “self-care.”: In her new song “self care,” Nicolle Galyon explores the beauty culture and the idea that after a certain age, what you are is never enough.

Written by Sasha Slone, Caroline Baker and Galyon, lyrics include: I could go to the doctor and get needles in my face|So whenever I smile, my forehead stays in place|I could eat a liquid diet so my bones start to pop|Spend all my money bein’ someone I’m not

The unflinchingly honest turn of phrase is, “Maybe, maybe I’m lazy|Or maybe deep down I’m kinda scared| To change what my mama gave me|I can’t, can’t make myself care

Galyon sings the song as if she’s telling the story of self-love to her best friend.

“This song is about buying into who you already are instead of buying into a culture that says you have to continually become something better,” she said. “And to me, I’d rather be someone to look TO than to look AT anyway.”

“self care.” is the third song from Galyon’s debut album “firstborn,” which will be released July 22 on her own label, Songs & Daughters.
Produced by King Henry and Jimmy Robbins, the eleven-track album features songwriting collaborations with Robbins, Sloan, Kelsea Ballerini, Hillary Lindsey, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, Emily Weisband, Rodney Clawson and more.

Jason Aldean, “That’s What Tequila Does”: Written by Kurt Allison, John Edwards, Tully Kennedy and John Morgan, “That’s What Tequila Does” is a heartbreaker with a twist of lime. The song explores how alcohol makes you dig up painful memories from past relationships and convinces you there’s a chance it will work, making you drink more.

Lyrics include: It’ll make you think that you got a shot at the one that got away when it goes down| She’s gonna tell you, she’s gonna come back and that’s what makes you stay for another round| Keep you stickin’ around, keep pourin’ out| Until she’s all you’re thinkin’ ’bout| It’ll keep you hung up, keep you drunk on what it was|Man, that’s what tequila does

“That’s What Tequila Does” starts as a mid-tempo groove and, in true Aldean style, builds into an anthemic chorus – the combination of which captivated fans at CMA Music Festival. Aldean said fan response motivated him to release the song as a single.

“I’m looking forward to kicking things off on the road next week, and I feel like this song is going to have a big moment during our set,” Aldean said. “I can’t wait to see what the fans think of it.”

The song is from Aldean’s “Georgia,” the second volume of his two-album set “Macon Georgia.”

The singer will launch his ROCK N’ ROLL COWBOY TOUR, a 34-city trek, next Friday with special guests Gabby Barrett, John Morgan and Dee Jay Silver. Tracy Lawrence, Travis Tritt and Chase Rice will join Aldean this fall for select dates. The same night Aldean launches his tour, he’ll unplug for CMT. The father of four will perform during the season premiere of CMT Campfire Sessions, which will air 8 p.m. (CT) July 15 on CMT.

Tyler Rich and Marie-Mai, “Thinkin’ We’re In Love”: Country crooner Tyler Rich just brought his artistry to new heights. The fast-rising artist joined forces with Canadian superstar Marie-Mai on “Thinkin’ We’re In Love,” and it might just be his best release to date. Rich penned the country-pop single alongside Summer Overstreet, Asia Whiteacre, and KK Johnson. Together they cultivated a relatable tale about two friends unexpectedly falling in love while drinking. The way Rich and Mai effortlessly blend their vocals and feed off of one another, creates undeniable chemistry throughout the track.

“I knew this song was special in the very first hour we sat down to write it, and I knew we had to find the perfect female lead for the duet. Marie-Mai was all that and so much more. An insane talent, with a such a pure, yet massive, voice. And the cherry on top is that she’s from Quebec,” said Rich.

What makes this love song a cut above the rest, is that the Nashville-based singer learned the romantic lyrics in French to release a bilingual version. Listeners are destined to believe that French is Rich’s second language, as the words simply roll off his tongue.

“Tyler is an incredible human, and I was blown away with his talent and hard work. Not everybody can learn how to sing in French in such a short period of time,” shared Marie-Mai. “We both stretched ourselves to create a piece of music that we are both so proud of. We grew from that collaboration, and I’m sure it will resonate with people. That’s what music was made for.”

Kameron Marlowe, “We Were Cowboys“: Kameron Marlowe’s future in country music is looking bright, as his recent release “We Were Cowboys” displays his unmatched talents and superstar potential. The nostalgic track that touches upon his creative imagination as a child, is driven by his soaring pipes and distinctive raspy vocals.

“Daddy watched John Wayne on a corduroy couch | I didn’t know Texas from a hole in the ground | But it roped me in, that’s where it all began |A stick was a rifle, a bullet was a rock |The good guys won and the bad guys lost | We climbed them trees, we were wild and free | Me and my buddies ran that town,” sings Marlowe before breaking into the chorus.

We Were Cowboys” was produced by critically acclaimed Dan Huff, GRAMMY-nominated Brad Hill, and serves as the title track to his forthcoming debut album.

“I’ve been working on this project for the better part of two years, and I’ve lived a lot of life in that time. This album encapsulates it all – nostalgia, romance, heartbreak, and everything in between,” said the breakout star. “Pound for pound, Kameron Marlowe is one of the best singers I’ve ever worked with in my career as a musician. He’s intuitive well beyond his years, and his writing is both honest and clever. Truly a force to be reckoned with,” added Huff.

Temecula Road, “Heartbreak In Boots”: Temecula Road has released “Heartbreak In Boots,” a single that marks a new chapter of their music career. The power trio previously made up of Dawson Anderson, Emma, and Maddie Salute recently became a duo. In March, Maddie parted ways – forcing Anderson and Emma to hone in on their artistry and take a new approach. “Heartbreak In Boots” is their first release as a duo, and the chilling harmonies throughout the track showcases their new wow-factor.

“We’ve really put our heads down to focus on telling our stories,” shared the promising new duo. “We’ve been digging deep into ourselves, and in the process, we’ve fallen more in love with songwriting. We’ve found the heart of Temecula Road’s sound, and we’ve never felt more confident as artists,” they added.

The two co-wrote the moving melody alongside Parker Welling and Casey Brown. Their impressive knack for storytelling shines through, as their vulnerable lyrics bring the breakup ballad to life – leaving fans feeling their roller coaster-like emotions.

“ ‘Heartbreak In Boots’ is true, and it’s us. From the moment we wrote it, we knew that if it was anything, it’s honest. This song has lived such a unique life already, with people all over the world responding to clips we’ve shared ahead of its release. We’ve worked diligently and waited patiently for this day. We’re proud. We’re grateful, and we are so excited that this song is finally out in the world.

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